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The First Date Story


Boston-area girl, Keri Barrett, wrote the first pages of the First Date business plan during the summer when she was still an undergrad at Babson College, interning at athletic apparel brand, Reebok. 

Keri born and bred with an entrepreneurial drive, saw an opportunity to develop a never-before-seen retail concept stemming from the dreaded question women have asked one too many times: “What am I going to wear?”


Days before a first date or a big event, Keri spent hours hopping from store to store, trying to piece together an outfit that was fun, flirty, and most importantly, unique. Since you only have one shot at making a good first impression, she knew women needed and would enjoy a shopping experience that enabled them to find an outfit that guaranteed a multitude of compliments.


The first First Date Boutique opened its doors in 2007 in Andover, Massachusetts, close to where Keri grew up. The business has since expanded by moving to a larger retail spot on Main Street. The store is divided into date “themes” with each section full of stylish, yet affordable clothing options (anything from relaxed to formal), perfect for any occasion.  




Name: Keri Barrett

Known for: Small stature, big personality

Fashion style: Fun and flirty

I have too many: Jeans and events on my social calendar

Go-to outfit for a date: A strapless dress, high heels and bling earrings

Favorite place to be taken on a date: A carnival on a warm summer’s night

Best business lesson learned: Treat each customer like your biggest brand ambassador