Reco Jeans is a fashion forward, eco-conscious denim label that caters to all lifestyles. Reco’s primary aim is to make stylish, sophisticated jeans with a great fit, for all those looking for a quality pair of denim and a willingness to preserve our planet. Wearing Reco Jeans is effortless, as one should not have to sacrifice the planet or your wallet for style. 

Check out our White Faded Skinny Jeans for $104 and Bootcut Blue Jeans for only $72!

Uses 60% Less New Cotton - Their unique process of upcycling production scraps gives our jeans a smaller carbon footprint than jeans made from 100% organic cotton.

Less Global Pesticide Use - Reports claim that somewhere between 16-25% of the world's pesticide usage goes to maintaining the cotton supply; our jeans reduce this by 60%. 

Reduced Fabric Waste - They "upcycle" scraps from garment factories into new textiles. What was once en route to the landfill is now en route to the runway. 

Saves over 1000 gallons of water - It takes over 1800 gallons of water to grow just enough cotton for 1 pair of jeans. It takes 0 gallons to upcycle.

Not to mention these are some pretty hot jeans.