We adore our cut out monogram necklaces and special ordered our 3-letter initials for ourselves (a benefit of being a store owner, of course!).  They're available in gold vermeil and silver.

Each monogrammed piece is hand cut in an elegant script and hangs from a 16” or 18” chain (your choice). You can also specify the pendant size, depending on whether you like the initials to be large or on the smaller size.  We prefer the largest size so it really stands out on your neck, but the smaller ones look very cool when layered with other necklaces of your choice.

They make fabulous personalized gifts (from the groom to his new wife with her NEW initials, for the bridesmaids, daughter, friend, GF,  you-name-it). Place your order in-store, online or by calling us at 978-247-8999. Prices range from $135 to $180 each and take 2 weeks to arrive once your custom order is placed.