Foldable Flats $19.95-$29.95 - Those heels will be killing you from dancing the night away. Make sure you have foldable flats to slip into to relieve your pedicured footsies. The foldable flats are about the size of an iphone and can fit in your clutch!

Pashmina $20 - It's going to be chilly while you are waiting outside hailing cabs. Make sure to have a wrap to keep you warm. 

Phone - Don't forget your phone to meet up with friends and just in case you have an emergency. Tip: We always recommend the app "Taxi Magic" that will locate cabs in your area. 

Leila Lou Roll On Perfume $38 - You will be getting close to someone at midnight. You want to smell good when he pulls you in.

Silver Clutch $39 - Don't lug around a huge bag. Keep it small and stylish. 

Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick in Gold Digger $20 - You don't want to smear red lipstick all over the man you choose at midnight so this clear gloss with a touch of gold shimmer is just right. Vanilla flavors and macadamia nut oil ensure a moisturizing and delicious lip lock.

Camera - Capture the memories from the night because you may not remember all of them ;-)

Heel Protectors $11 - You don't want to be the one stumbling and unstable in your high heels on the dance floor or on the street. These heel protectors will keep your precious shoes safe from different terrain and other damages. 

Mints - Pop some mints in right before the ball drops. We like "Little i" mints because the case is also a small mirror.

"Keep your heels, head & standards high" Happy New Year!  

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