Even though “Mommy Dearest” is totally anti wire hangers we love ‘em – especially when the wire is twisted into adorable sayings for brides-to-be! We are "hung up" on the customizable hangers that we sell in our Hitched section.

The two of us have given these hangers to many of our engaged friends at their bridal showers and they were HUGE hits (this gift WILL guarantee an “Awww” from every lady in the room).

They are a creative and unique photo prop to display one’s dress that will make for a sweet pic in the wedding album. It’s also a nice keepsake after the wedding’s over.

You can personalize the hanger to feature the date of the wedding, his + her names, her new last name - whatever you want! We love these hangers so much we even had a "first date" hanger made for the store. 

We promise our hangers are super highest quality and the wire lettering is shaped beautifully. Call us (978-247-8999), come in or order online. $38 each, will arrive in 2 to 2 1/2 weeks from order date.