Since bridal shower season usually kicks off every spring, there’s a good chance you’ve recently been part of group email chain (like me!) between friends of the bride discussing joint gift ideas. In a recent interviewJennifer Aniston said that she has a pre-wedding get-together with the female friends of the bride.   Each gal chooses her favorite single note essential oil (found online or at Whole Foods) and adds a few drops of it in a little bottle while making a wish for the bride. The final scent is a unique combination of the various oils and the bottle is given as a gift to the bride to wear on her wedding day. Just think twice before you invite the crazy hippie chick to participate who will want to add a dash of some oil that clashes with all of the others (you never know!). 

Since Keri and I are both addicted to vanilla scents, a true vanilla oil would be our pick, followed by grapefruit or coriander. Present the oil in a beautiful bottle like those sold at Anthropologie.   Talk about a thoughtful gift! 

Also, if you’re feeling less ambitious, First Date sells an irresistible scented oil: Leila Lou perfume.  Perfect for one’s wedding day with notes of pear blossom, fresh cut grass and tangerine, Leila Lou “captures the alluring scent of innocence and freshness."