Since many of us have already packed away our cold-weather tights ‘til fall but still may be slightly concerned about the lack of color on our bare legs, we want to share one of our favorite beauty products that can be a quick fix for any gal in need of a tan: Lorac TANtalizer.

The two of us have used this long-lasting shimmery body bronzer on many occasions (weddings, Halloween parties and nights out on the town) after being tipped off by one of our friends. It won’t actually color your skin like a self-tanner, it just makes you look bronzed and glowing. It doesn’t smell bad like other skin bronzers and self tanners you’ve probably used (it's actually one of the best-smelling options out there) and it won’t rub off on your clothes if you apply it and then wait a bit before getting dressed.

Jessica Alba has clearly rubbed something on her legs before wearing this skirt out on the town and they look flawless. TANtalizer is a must. Sephora trip anyone?