Let us preface this blog post by saying that we don’t recommend looking at your cell phone nonstop during a date but, as you’ll see, these apps are great for scoring you and your date last-minute movie tickets, restaurant reservations, discounted meals and even taxi rides when you’re in a jam.  Check out the last app suggestion for dates-gone-bad!

Rotten Tomatoes by Flixster: Movie nights are my personal favorite dates.  With this app you can find nearby theatres and check out what’s playing at the box office. You can also read the movie ratings so you will never drag your date to a bad movie again. 

Yelp: Need a place to show off your new cocktail dress? Use this app to find the address for a nearby restaurant or bar (perfect for when a movie just got out and you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite or drink).  Anything you need to know such as price, distance, directions, contact info and reviews are at your fingertips (literally).  Type in “date spot” and see what pops up.

Urbanspoon: You and your date feeling spontaneous or can’t agree on the next spot to grab some food? Try the Urbanspoon app which asks you to “shake” your phone and the app will choose the nearby restaurant for you!  Don’t worry - if you can’t stand a certain type of cuisine or you are on a budget you can always select a desired $ symbol, the type of cuisine or the exact neighborhood.

Peekaboo: Peekaboo enables the user to pull up a map on your cell to see local deals being offered within up to 50 miles of your current location. Restaurant offers include promos like discounted coffee or free appetizers.  To redeem the deal on the spot, just go there and flash your cell to the cashier (no need to whip out that paper print-out offer from your back pocket!). This app is great if you are visiting a new down. 

Taxi Magic!:  Do you and your date need a cab in a jiffy? This is an application that automatically locates your whereabouts and gives you a list of the nearest taxis to request a pick-up from and then lets you track its arrival time. Another great app if you are not from the area and need quick transportation. 

BAD DATE SOLUTION!! Sometimes it does not take long for you to realize your current date is not going to lead to you looking at weddings dresses anytime soon. If your date is going sour and you need a quick excuse to get away, download Fake-A-Call You can decide who is calling and at what time (just sneak into the bathroom to set it up at the last minute).  Make it seem extremely urgent and use it to get out of any awkward situation. You can even record a “voice on the other end.”